The Andrellian Isles is a small group of islands with rocky shores that often make a risky place to land while sailing. However, those who have come here are held prisoner. The Desert Lords have sent their assassins here to lie in wait for the Dragon Rider and have bestowed great power on the Grull shaman, Bonegrinder, who now uses his newfound power to trap sailors in his storms. One of the small islands features a mine containing mana crystals, which the Grull and Wartoks use at their leisure. Rynn and Arokh must find a guide here to lead them to Ravenshold, but with the storm around the islands trapping everyone within, they must find a way to ease the storms if they are to proceed.

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  • Volcanic cave

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Primary Quests Edit

  • Kill Bonegrinder to clear the storms.
  • Find Master Sevoth.
  • Find Sevoth's Medicine Pouch.
  • Return the Medicine Pouch to Sevoth.
  • Collect 20 crystals and return to Sevoth.

Optional Quests Edit

  • Destroy the catapult battery.
  • Return to Kegan.
  • Recover Captain Fandrill's Charts.

Notes Edit

  • This is the first location where Rynn encounters giants.