Rynn and Arokh battling the Pain Golem, the largest golem and the final boss in Drakan: The Ancient Gates.

Demons of stone (and in the Tundra, ice) that were created by the Flesh Mage and serve the Desert Lords. These creatures are highly resilient to Rynn's weapons and require a lot of punishment from Arohk's dragonfire before they are bested.

The Pain GolemEdit

A nightmarish being, the Pain Golem is the most powerful of the Desert Lords' soldiers. This colossal monstrosity was created from misery itself by the Flesh Mage who bound part of his own soul to the creature. The Desert Lords used this beast to attack the farmers in the Desert of Tears and have placed it in charge of guarding the final gateway in the Golem Palace. Only its creator knows how to defeat it and holds the only key to stopping it.

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