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Mala-Shae, the Dragon Mother, is one of the Spirit Dragons. After the Dark Wars, she goes to rest in the realm beyond the world, which is found through the Gateway known as the Mother's Eye.

Pre-Drakan Edit

Mala-Shae called the dragons into the Sleep of Ages after the Dark Wars in hopes of awaiting a day that the ways of the Order of the Flame were once again followed, as all dragons were hated due to the War's destruction.

The Ancients Gates Edit

Lady Myschala summons Rynn and Arokh to Surdana where she reveals the need to awaken Mala-Shae to defeat the Desert Lords. Rynn and Arokh journey to various lands and unlock the four gates, awakening her. Once awakened, Mala-Shae summons the remaining Order Dragons, reviving the Order of the Flame. She then leads the dragons to Stratos where they massacre the Desert Lords.

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