"Three Faces bring new friend for Bonegrinder... even now, she comes! Mezzidrel... arise!"
- Bonegrinder
Mezzidrel is a large two-headed dragon or sea serpent who was part of the Dark Union long before Rynn first met Arokh. During the Dark Wars, she fought and lost to Arokh, though her life was spared. One of the first bosses you meet in Drakan: The Ancients' Gates, she now serves Bonegrinder and the Desert Lords, guarding the entrance to Bonegrinder's Lair.

Abilities Edit

Mezzidrel has a seeking lightning ball attack that can be difficult to avoid. After Mezzidrel is defeated, Arokh is rewarded with lightning breath.

Dialogue Edit

"Arokh... oh, this is wonderful. I was told there would be a dragon of the Order to kill, but I never dreamed it would be you."
"Hardly. You have powerful enemies, Arokh... ones who would pay well to see you dead."
"Oh, there are many old friends in our little group. A shame you won't live to see them."

Related Quests Edit

  • Kill Bonegrinder to clear the storms.

Notes Edit

  • Though Mezzidrel's voice sounds male, the sea serpent is described as a "she" by Bonegrinder.
  • It is not easily distinguished if Mezzidrel is considered a dragon or sea serpent.

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