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Three scavengers swarming Rynn.

Scavengers are vicious, animal beasts resembling squished velociraptors. They are reptilian in nature, with glowing blood-red eyes and scaly skin. They walk hunched-over on their hind-legs, their forelimbs held out in front of them, always ready to attack. They have massive claws on their limbs, and are capable of a wide range of attacks. The claws on the arms, legs and their mouths are permanently stained, in some cases dripping with blood. When attacking they emit a sharp, vicious growl, hissing and in some cases a sharp screech.

Pack animals, Scavengers are never found alone. They come in a large variety of sizes from small dogs to the size of a full grown horse. Females, and males are indistinguishable from eachother. They can move relatively fast despite their proportions, and strike with shocking speed. A typical tactic is for them to swarm a target and strike as a group.

When killed, they fall backwards on to their backs, squeal or growl, kicking furiously at the air and fall limp. Despite their appearance, they are relatively easy to dispatch and their only true strength lies in numbers. Only found in scripted events or in specific areas, Scavengers are relatively rare compared to most other creatures.

If they are in the same area as a wartok, the player can observe the two fighting each other.

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