Shaza and Tora

"This is no joke! These two were assassins for the Dark Union. We have to strike now, before they are fully awakened!"
- Arokh
Shaza and Tora are two dragons encountered in Drakan: The Ancients' Gates.

They are awakened by Zola Dane to attack and stall Arokh and Rynn when the two pursued him into the Desert of Tears.

History Edit

Long ago they served in the Dark Union as skilled assassins. At the end of the Dark Wars they were encased in stone in the area that is now the Valley of the Fallen though it is not specified who encased them or why.

Shaza and Tora had a brother who was killed by Arokh around the time of the Dark Wars. Arokh described the brother as an "eater of children."

Abilities Edit

Both dragons use a breath attack that is a stream of darkness that damages and steals the life force of the enemy. This breath attack is similar to the Soul Steal spell. When the player kills both dragons Arokh is awarded the darkness breath attack.

Dialogue Edit

"Who dares awaken us? Show yourself!" - Shaza
"Shaza! Look! Is that... Arokh?" - Tora
"What? Yes! Arokh! Murderer! Have you forgotten us? You killed our brother!" - Shaza
"He was our brother! His soul cries out for retribution!" - Tora

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Notes Edit

  • It is not expressly stated in the game that Shaza or Tora are female.

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