In Drakan: The Ancients' Gates, Snotmaw is a  wartok chief of the Beast Tribes. He resides in Kragmor

Snotmaw took over the Beast Tribes and threatend Surdana while Rynn and Arokh were in Ravenshold. General Dehrimon received word of Snotmaw's plans and, when the two heroes returned from the north, he asked them to go to Kragmor and kill Snotmaw. Rynn and Arokh entered Kragmor and soon found Snotmaw's Lair; an underground fortress filled with traps, wartoks, and giants. Rynn eventually made it into his arena where she was forced to fight a giant before being able to face Snotmaw. After the giant's death Snotmaw said that Rynn had to deal with him and entered the arena with Rynn saying "I really hate Wartoks" and the other Watroks chanting "Snotmaw, Snotmaw, Snotmaw." After taking Snotmaw's life (and Snotmaw's Cleaver), Rynn slaughtered the remaining Wartoks and left.