Tuiri was a Knight of the Order of the Flame, Bonded to the dragon, Tagorah. She was a native of the underground city of Alwarren, which she protected during the time of the Dark Wars. When the war giant Tultal attacked the city, she used her magical powers to erect a barrier over half the city to seal him inside. Unfortunately, Tagorah was within the half of the city the barrier enclosed, trying to hold Tultal at bay. Tultal kiled the dragon, and through the Bond, Tuiri died shortly thereafter. Her bones rest near the entrance of Alwarren, and her soul is fettered, unable to pass beyond until her soul crystal - the artifact that Bonds her soul to Tagorah's - is returned.

Rynn, in an effort to recover the Bellhammer of Alwarren, discovers Tuiri as a soul shadow. With the Order Knight's help, Rynn is able to enter Alwarren and recover the artifact, while at the same time finding the soul crystal to allow Tiuri's spirit to finally rest.

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