The typical, green trogs found in Drakan: The Ancient Gates.


A larger and stronger red trog from Drakan: The Ancient Gates.

Trogs are amphibious, frog-like humanoids who inhabit the swamplands of Drakan. The trogs of the Shadowmire are lead by the shaman-chief, Toadfist.

Trogs are dangerous beasts. They prowl the shallow waters of their swamps, their glowing-red eyes protruding from the surface of the murky water. When an enemy or unsuspecting prey approaches, they rise up, using their long, razor-sharp claws to tear it apart.

Trogs come in three color varieties including green, red, and blue. The green trogs are most common while the red trogs are lesser so and are also slightly more powerful. The only blue trog to be seen is the chief Toadfist. 


The trogs of the Shadowmire have a very tribalistic society that might have been inspired by Native Americans or Aztecs. They mostly live in huts or caves and they like to wear feathers on their headdresses and armbands. Some of the green trog variants also act as shamans and carry staves.

The trogs also have a very brutal way of life. It is unknown why, but they will take the severed heads of humans and stick the heads onto pikes around their homes. This could possibly be a sign of how many people the owner of the hut killed. The trogs also tend to eat humans. Human remains can be found in boiling pots over bonfires and their kitchens are littered with human skeletons. At one point, Rynn rescues a woman who was about to be burned on a stake, which was possibly meant to cook the woman.

Notable Trogs Edit


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