Tultal was a war giant in the service of the Dark Union. Like many of their servants, he was enhanced by dark magic.


During the Dark Wars, he laid siege to the underground city of Alwarren. The protector of the city, Tiuri, used a magic spell to close off half the city, sealing Tultal and his war giants inside. Unfortunately, Tiuri's Bonded dragon, Tagorah, was sealed inside with him. Cut off from his rider, Tagorah fell to Tultal, and Tiuri was cursed to continue existing as a soul shadow so long as the soul crystal that Bonded them remained inside Alwarren.

Centuries later, Rynn came to Alwarren looking for the legendary Bellhammer. With the help of Tiuri's ghost, she managed to enter the city and recover the hammer. However, because of the dark magic which empowered him, Tultal had survived to this day. Rynn battled Tultal and ended him once and for all.

Fighting TultalEdit

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