Not only do monsters rally up to serve the Desert Lords, but also the deceased remains of humans have risen from the grave, under the direction of dark magic.

  • Gothraul: He is called the "Prince of Ghouls", the ruler of the undead, and is the one responsible for the dead rising from the grave in the world of Drakan. He was a former member of the Dark Union and wishes to bring back its ideals once more. He calls his forces the "Sons of Navaros".
  • Soulless: As their name implies, these are the empty vessels of powerful warriors bound by evil spirits in service of the Desert Lords. They are among the most powerful enemies in the game.
  • Khossa Vole: A necromancer who was thought to have been killed by General Dehrimon a long time ago, his disembodied spirit now seeks rebirth in a new body. He is in possession of an artifact crafted by the magi of the Dark Union known as the Gravestone, which grants its user greater skills in the Necromantic arts (and is how he conjures up the dead). Rynn must reclaim the Gravestone if she is to ease the population of the undead.
  • The Inquisitor: Another ghostly being that haunts Surdana. He kidnaps innocent civilians during the night and takes them to his underground lair where Wartoks stand guard and ask them questions concerning people that lived during the time of the Order and the Dark Wars six hundred years ago. If his prisoners are unable to answer, he tortures them to death. The knights of Surdana have placed a large bounty on the Inquisitor.