The Valley of the Fallen, also known as the Desert of Tears, has become a barren desert as a result of the Desert Lords' evil magic. Jade's people were driven from their homes in the desert, seeking shelter beyond the desert wall. There was once a prosperous system of farms here that became the first victims of the Desert Lords. When the farmers and villagers resisted, Jasaad sent the Pain Golem to crush nearly all opposition. Only a small farming valley along the southern road from Surdana has managed to survive, though they still face terrible persecution. Now the wartoks have made the valley their headquarters and guard the third of the Ancients' Gates that stands here. According to Arokh, the Valley was the site of great bloodshed during the Dark Wars. A testament to the Dark Union rests in the deserts, a ruin called the Sanguinade ("the walk of blood"), known as the Devil's Mouth in the Fallen Age. The forces of the undead seem to be amassing in this horrid place. Deep within the Ruins there is a piece of land, a floating island that acts as an elevator that takes its riders high into the clouds to the floating fortress of Stratos.

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  • Desert of Tears
  • Sanguinade

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  • Restore the Gateway to Surdana
  • Rescue Perry from the Wartoks

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